Building’s history

The building which houses Mosaic is a pre-WWII building of special architectural significance, and has been proposed to be recognized by the Cretan Modern Monument Agency. The building is identical to the eastern adjacent building, whose facade gives the appearance that the buildings are one structure.
The two men who constructed the buildings, Ioannis Annitsakis and Ioannis Vrontos, were friends, according to information provided by their heirs. Annitsakis and Vrontos shared property on a plot that was in front of a square (present day Chania Townhall, on Kydonias street). The men decided to constructtwo buildingson the common plot and when completed, to draw lots for each building. They brought a Greek architect from Alexandria, Egypt in order to achieve an impressive, modern construction; they used the best construction materials and methods. In 1935-6 the ground floors were constructed, and right after in 1937-8 the two floors above were finished. Upon completion, Annitsakis randomly drew the west building and Vrontos the east.

The east building was first used as apartments, with one large apartment on each floor. Later the whole building became the private clinic of Dr Margaritis and afterwards it became a guest house. In 1992, the building was renovated and on one floor it housed a foreign language school and on the other the offices of the Garbage Service of Chania region (DEDISA). In the years to come both floors were used by DEDISA and TEDK Chanion; since 2010 the building has been vacant.
The west building was first used as the private clinic of DoctorsPentari and Protopapadakis. During the World War II, the Cretan Resistance Group (EOK) temporarily used the building as headquarters, while two of the heir of Ioannis Annitsakis, Antonis Annitsakis and Christos Annitsakis were active members of EOK. Also, the British special forces that were stationed in Crete during WWII temporarily operated their radio in the west building, providing valuable information to the Allied Headquarters of Middle East in Cairo for the Axis forces in Crete. In the early 1980s until the early 2000s the building housed the private school of Methodiko, and until 2017 it remained vacant. The building has now been totally renovated and converted into a hotel, welcoming its first guests in August 2017.

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